5 Reasons to Refinish over Replace



A Quality Finish 

We treat each job like it's our home. Cabinets take a beating, and our interior coatings can too! Rest easy knowing your kitchen will look as good as new with our proper coating processes, and exceptional quality control. If we wouldn't put it in our home, we won't put it in yours! 

Help Save the Environment 

Refinishing our cabinets is a much more eco-friendly avenue vs. replacement. With the use of our low VOC paints and primers, we all do our part for the earth. Keeping your current cabinets out of the landfill is just the cherry on top!



Faster Turn Around Time

No more waiting for materials to arrive; just remove, refinish & reinstall. Spend less time without your kitchen!


Workmanship Guarantee

We honour our work. We will take the time before starting each project to ensure all aspects are covered. From your choice of colour, to those must have handles, once agreed upon, all the onus is on us.




Less Mess, Less Clean-up

Feel confident that your home will be treated with respect. You won't have to worry about endless sawdust or lingering paint smells during your renovation. With top of the line products from organic paint materials to vacuum sanders, we'll be in and out without a trace!


Our Process



Our goal is always a satisfied customer. That begins with ensuring our information is correct; making sure you get what you want. From colours to timelines, hardware to hinges, we get everything in order before any project begins. This ensures that we'll be able to get everything completed for you, how and when you want it. 



From our first step into your home, we are constantly ensuring that we keep a clean work space. From gloves to vacuum sanders, we'll keep your home as clean as it was when we started. Our skill and expertise allow us to be quick, clean and efficient; ensuring your hard earned dollars are not wasted.



Disassembly is as it sounds. At the start of the project your kitchen will be meticulously disassembled noting current layout and orientations ensuring a quick and neat reassembly. Typically the cabinet doors, drawers, handles and hinges would be neatly packaged and packed up for transport to our shop on the first day.


Repair, Surface & Refinish

We carefully inspect your existing cabinets for dents, knicks, chips, cracks and gouges. All damages are repaired to new condition, primed and painted/stained and then baked to ensure longevity.


Finished Product Installation 

Today is the day of your reinstall. We reinstall your products with care ensuring they line up flawlessly with no rubbing or scraping along with your new hardware. We complete our final clean up and then you are free to enjoy your kitchen once again! 

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